for the world is hollow and i have touched the sky

by things not worth fixing

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this album is about most of my personal life during my high school years. it's about my girlfriend, my best friends, the death of one of my best friends, my ex-girlfriend, and everything i was always afraid to talk about out loud. find comfort in these songs. relate to them if you can.

thank you: ashley, kat, lucas, skyler, baylee, bethany, aly, madison, savanna, zack, brandon, and many more, i hope you know who you are. also to anyone who came to my shows, anyone who bought or downloaded something, anyone who streamed tnwf on spotify, and most of all thank you for listening and supporting !


released June 3, 2017

josh allen - electric/acoustic guitar, vocals, photography, composition

audio clips recorded by me in person or on the phone ft. ash, kat, lucas, skyler, zack, and others




all rights reserved


things not worth fixing North Carolina

josh allen aka things not worth fixing is an 18 year old solo artist from western north carolina.


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Track Name: you smell like home
i opened up my window for the first time since you left
i had to fill the air with something other than your smell

i love you so much baby won't you please come back
so we can lay in my bed while i help you unpack

you smell like home
and i hope you know
your arms feel like it too
Track Name: side of my bed
i always sleep on the side of my bed because
i imagine you being right next to me.
Track Name: cigarettes and photographs
do you remember that day at the train tracks?

you smoked cigarettes while i took photographs

we threw rocks in the woods and
walked around your neighborhood

we laid under your fairy lights and kissed for a while

oh fuck wait, i think its time for me to go
Track Name: april 6, 2016
today i found a video of you singing
one that you told me about when we first met
it was nice getting to hear your voice
for the first time since the day i wish i could forget

i'm sorry we didn't talk a lot
before everything happened

i miss you
we all do

my legs are getting weak thinking of
the moment i found out you were up above

one year is getting close
one year is getting close
and i really hope i see your ghost the most
Track Name: all my friends hate themselves
all my friends hate themselves
they don't say why to anyone else
but they do it in the journals on their bookshelves

we're both happy and sad at the same time
we have way too many mountains to climb

people always complain about how much we whine

we lie and talk about how we're fine

all my friends hate themselves
they don't say why to anyone else
but they do it in the journals on their bookshelves
Track Name: something to write about
i write too many songs about you
but thats okay i just need something to write about
like your shitty tattoos

songs about how you still have my shirt
about your breathe smelling like cigarettes
and how much you hurt

that time you kissed that one guy
and then you told me goodbye

but thats okay i just need something to write about
while i lay in my bed and sigh
Track Name: lake james
you're in the cabin
i'm by the fire
i'm alone
and you're not

i punched an oak tree
my knuckles are bleeding
you did not, yours are not
Track Name: love marks
you left your love marks
on my chest

i left mine in your heart

i still find your hair ties
in my room

i dont know what to do with them

i'd mail them back
but i need to know you were here
Track Name: leaves are falling
we walked through the woods holding hands
i dont see it as a misunderstand-ing

while the blue birds sing their sweet tune just for you
i know that you love me too

the leaves are falling everywhere so we dance
until we fall into the pile waiting for us
this is love and i'm glad you i can trust
Track Name: your sleepiness, kat's cat, and all my friends
i stared out the window while i laid in my bed and you slept,
it was artistic in a way

we woke up and listened to the 1975 until we had to shower

hey kat, thank you for hanging out with us today

we stopped by your house and played with your cat

and all my friends stopped by tonight and we all went to dennys

we all laughed at our table until we had to leave

thank you guys for not giving up, for staying alive through this whole life, i know its hard but it will be worth it
Track Name: it's beginning to look a lot like 2013
i had a dream, or a nightmare, that you left me
and i was all alone again.

i mentioned in one poem i tried to kill myself back in october
and i feel like that will come true i dont know when

you've killed me and you don't even care
i hope you're enjoying your love free warfare

because i'm doing whatever i can
to get you to stop breathing my air
Track Name: i'm just happy. i've never felt that before
when it gets cold in my house
and i’m grabbing the blanket
to warm myself i’m reminded of you.
i’m reminded of our passionate kisses
under the blanket and in general.
when i let myself fall victim to the cold
i’m reminded of when it snowed when
you were here and we knew we would
get sick but didn't care because
we knew we could heal each other.
i’m reminded of the breathless inhales
from after our snowball fight and the crack
in my voice yelling i love you and i’m sorry
for hitting you with a snowball. i really am.
i made a snow angel for you. but it
doesn't compare to how much
of angel you really are.
Track Name: shoulder length
you cut your hair shoulder length
i guess this is a small step in starting over again

i wish we could start over again
go back to the days when we were happy all the time

i can see your title fight shirt from the car window
back when your hair was below your shoulders

before we wanted to start over
Track Name: you're not here and my arms are empty
from the plane window where you sat
i wonder what you felt as you flew
over the blue ridge mountains
in the dark morning sky

while i sat in the back of my
best friends car and stared out
the window

i wonder why i let myself get so down

but i realize very quickly

youre not here and my arms are empty